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DSVIEW3 Software Part Numbers

Avocent DSVIEW3 Software   Base P/N  Price Lists  Maintenance and Support- Silver 1 year  DSV3-HUB DSView 3 hub – 1 hub, 100 devices SCNT-1YSLV-HUB DSV3-STND DSView 3 Standard Pack – 1 hub, 1 spoke, 500 devices SCNT-1YSLV-STND DSV3-PLUS DSView 3Continue reading “DSVIEW3 Software Part Numbers”

DSVIEW3 Firewall Ports

Application Note: This note details the DSView 3.x software configuration when going through a firewall.   Detail: In a typical network configuration, the DSView software client is located outside of the firewall and the DSView server and managed appliances resideContinue reading “DSVIEW3 Firewall Ports”

Adding the Dell Blade Chassis in to DSVIEW3.5 (DKVM card)

DSVIEW3.5 currently supports blade chassis integration. Currently, their isn’t a dell selection to add as a blade chassis but you may add a generic appliance which will still add the Dell DKVM card chassis. Select the Generic Blade Chassis optionContinue reading “Adding the Dell Blade Chassis in to DSVIEW3.5 (DKVM card)”