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Is HTML 5 the default KVM viewer when I launch a KVM session?

It is not the default. To launch an HTML5 KVM session, click on the name of the target in the DMPU Web User Interface, and then select the KVM Session HTML5 button as illustrated below.

Other than the Vertiv KVM products, are there other products using HTML 5?

Vertiv™’s Universal Management Gateway (UMG) uses the HTML 5 viewer and provides powerful tools to connect to a management network of IDRACs (with up to 1024 target devices) and serial devices (network and/or power equipment).

How is HTML 5 more secure than Java?

Java is an open architecture and therefore more vulnerable to security threats. With Java, when a security threat is identified, a patch can be deployed, but often times the patch exposes new vulnerabilities.

Why would I want to use HTML5 instead of Java?

HTML5 is more secure than Java. HTML5 is also considered more stable because it does not require regular updates and reboots, typically monthly, like Java. With HTML 5, there is no software or firmware to install or update. It functionsContinue reading “Why would I want to use HTML5 instead of Java?”

When will HTML 5 be available from Vertiv?

HTML 5 viewer support is currently available for the DMPU and MPU products. Viewer support is also currently available with DSView 4.5 SP7.