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Cascading Digital Switches Together (4161DS, 2161DS-2 and 2321DS)

Cascading a digital switch to another digital switch isn’t supported and will not work properly in a seamless configuration because the switch is design to sit on a network so the avocent cascading protocol wasn’t installed on the local port of the digital KVM switch. Although it isn’t supported the switch will work in a non-seamless matter that you will be able to see the OSCAR menu of the primary and secondary switch (2 OSCAR menus). Below is an explanation of the different configurations and steps to configure your switches together.


Seamless: A single OSCAR menu that will show cascaded or secondary switches connected to the primary switch:

Example: 1-1, 1-2, 1-3…



Non-Seamless: Two OSCAR menus (one for the primary and one for the secondary)


Steps to connect two digital switches:

  1. Primary Switch- Connect the Dell PS2 or USB SIP from the ARI port of the primary switch
  2. Secondary Switch(s)- Plug the Dell PS2 or USB SIP from the primary switch in to the local port of the secondary switch
  3. Primary Switch- Select the seconday switch in the OSCAR menu which will be seen as a SRVR or the port that is resides on
  4. Select the “PRNT SCRN” key which will pop up the second OSCAR menu
  5. Select the “PRNT SCRN” key to toggle back and forth between both the primary and secondary OSCAR menus

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