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Out of Warranty Repair for EOL Products

The Out of Warranty repair process for End of Life (EOL) switches is for the following products listed below. This is for Dell customers who have EOL/OOW switches that Dell currently no longer sell and support. Depending on hardware availability you will need to confirm first if your EOL product has the required parts to be repaired. The customer will need to contact Technical Support first to obtain a repair cost and shipping directions.


EOL products:

  • Dell 2161DS (03R870)
  • Dell 2160ES (582RR)- Unable to repair due to no hardware components (replace with 2160AS)
  • Dell 180ES (71PXP)- Unable to repair due to no hardware components (replace with 180AS)


  • Defective video or PS2 functionality
  • Power failure
  • Defective LAN port for IP access (2161DS)

Technical Support

List the following information:

  • Dell product model and serial number
  • Detailed issue report
  • Customer contact info


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