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Reset a 2161DS Serial Port Password

2161DS Serial Port Reset Utility Program


The Password override utility program is designed to override and lost/forgotten serial port password. Please follow the directions listed below to reset your password.

  1. Connect a serial cable from the serial port of the Dell 2161DS to a serial port on a client computer.
  2. Launch the utility PasswordOverride.exe  and follow the directions.
  3. The utility will communicate with the appliance and extract the 16 Digit Key.
  4. Customer supplies that key, as well as the EID from the appliance (located ont he bottom), to Dell Tech Support
  5. Dell TSP sends back one time use password to customer, who copies it back into the utility.
  6. The utility will reset the password and the rest of the appliance back to factory defaults.

Caution- While the utility program is resetting the password please make sure to not power cycle or turn off the power to the 2161DS.

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