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When using a remote session, the video and mouse performance is poor and there are frame errors on the network.

The Console Switch may be encountering a duplex mismatch on the network.

RULE: The settings of the Console Switch and the Network Switch port to which it is connected must be set identically.

RULE: If the Console Switch has been in use within the past hour and you have changed the network settings, ARP tables in the network may need refreshing/flushing before a new connection can be established with the Console Switch.

To refresh the ARP tables, do one of the following:

  1. Wait about 10 minutes or so for the ARP tables to rebuild automatically.
  2. Clear the ARP table entry in a Video Session Viewer workstation and Ping the appliance at its IP address. This can be done from a DOS window. ARP -d (where is the IP address of the Console Switch)
    If the PING is successful, the Console Switch is ready for operation.


  • If the Console Switch is set to Auto-Negotiate, then the Network Switch MUST be set to Auto-Negotiate both SPEED and DUPLEX.
  • If the Console Switch is set to 100MB – FULL duplex, then the Network Switch must be set to 100MB – FULL duplex.
  • If the Console Switch is set to 10MB – HALF duplex, then the Network Switch must be set to 10MB – HALF duplex.

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