New Sales Initiative
Now expanded to the NEW Dell 15.6″ KMM as well as the digital Dell KVM and Liebert® MPH and Liebert®MPH2™ Rack PDU, Liebert® GXT4™ UPS and DCF™ Optimized Rack Systems

Vertiv™ solutions for Dell customers are the perfect complement to Dell’s Enterprise Solutions:

  1. The Vertiv team has the skills and willingness to talk to end users, provide quick responses and accurate solutions.
  2. The Avocent® portfolio of Dell branded products provides a customized KVM and KMM Solution for Server, Storage, and Networking to provide access and control
  3. Vertiv’s Liebert® family of products is known in the industry for high quality power solutions and best of breed service and support after point of sale
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When it comes to digital switching, we give you the shirt off our back.


Just to thank you for your efforts selling the Dell 15.6″ KMM and the Digital KVM, we want to hook you up with some Vertiv/Dell EMC swag! We have polos, sweaters, and puffy jackets while supply lasts.

If you’d like one of these items, be sure to register your sale .

Remember: Why Digital KVM? It’s technology backed by years of proven value.

  • Remote Access and Control
  • Smarter Use of Resources
  • Increased Uptime
  • Real Savings: Digital KVM has a lower price-per-port than analog 16 port

Dell DMPU4032Digital KVM Switch Dell DMPU4032

Dell DMPU2016Digital KVM Switch Dell DMPU2016

Dell DMPU108EDigital KVM Switch Dell DMPU108E

When it comes to power, we want to thank you.

Just to thank you for selling a Geist™ PDU’s, Liebert® Power or VR Racks, we would like to give you something! A shirt or Corkcircle or YETI tumbler. It’s simple: sell one item and get t-shirt; sell two items and get a YETI Tumbler. This offer is good while supplies last.

Just answer a few questions and register your sale.

Liebert® DCF Rack Systems
Liebert® DCF Rack Systems
Liebert® MPH & MPH2™ Rack PDU
Liebert® MPH & MPH2™ Rack PDU
Liebert® GXT4™ UPSLiebert® GXT4™ UPS

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